Thursday, June 30, 2005

Theater 1990: Market - Water - War

Th. Jelinek´s concepts for this action theater derived from hours of talks. The performance happened at the Vienna fleamarket, sixth district. Actors and performers tried to catch the audience for themes like the problematic politics concerning nature, water distribution and more. Some actors, like me, participated in carrying dead plants on deathbeds, some tried to involve the audience by "selling" water. Well, we did not take money, but acted symbolically. The theme is hot, anyway. In countries like Austria water with the quality of "drink water" are used everywhere, in parks to water the plants, in each and every toilet, and so on. The group messing then tried to put in words, what others did not dare. We need worldwide water politics, a better understanding of nature and, last but not least, humanitarian support.

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